What does your Growth Cycle SM look like?

How do we work in uncertain, unstructured, fast changing environments?
What can we do to accelerate our learning curve?
How do we make progress when there is little structure to support us?
How can we succeed in creating the future we want?

The #1 challenge for creative CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and students today is:

How do we incubate and accelerate our natural Growth Cycle SM
in an unstructured world of infinite information, constant change, and disruption?

A Growth Cycle SM describes the creative process we work through to be successful in uncertain, change intensive situations -- which is the norm in our new Innovation Economy. There are 4 essential steps to being successful in this kind of environment:

1. Projecting a VISION of what we really want (dreamsheet).
2. Executing a PLAN for moving closer to our vision (action plan).
3. Experiencing RESULTS we receive (portfolio).
4. Reflecting on LESSONS we can see (profile).

This FREE 2-minute assessment illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of your natural Growth Cycle SM -- and suggests FREE on-line exercises to balance and strenghten it.

Learn More About Projecting a Vision Learn More About Reflecting on Lessons Learn More About Executing a Plan Learn More About Evaluating Results

Please answer the following 40 questions by clicking the appropriate button to the right of each question, and submitting the form at the end. We will generate your assessment report with a picture of your Growth Cycle SM immediately -- and e-mail you a copy!

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Question Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. I regularly need "quiet time" to be effective. SA A N D SD
2. I don't like to collect and analyze data. SA A N D SD
3. I'm more of a doer than a thinker. SA A N D SD
4. I often see obstacles and opportunities before others. SA A N D SD
5. I periodically meditate or pray. SA A N D SD
6. I don't like to do research. SA A N D SD
7. I don't read the instructions when assembling something. SA A N D SD
8. I like to speak my mind. SA A N D SD
9. I don't like to be alone after receiving bad news. SA A N D SD
10. I'd rather make new rules than follow existing ones. SA A N D SD
11. I like to hear what other people think. SA A N D SD
12. I don't have a very vivid imagination. SA A N D SD
13. I'm good at seeing patterns in events or behavior. SA A N D SD
14. Listening is one of my greatest strengths. SA A N D SD
15. I like to make "to-do" lists and check things off when they are complete. SA A N D SD
16. To me, the least important part of any project is design. SA A N D SD
17. I often listen to my "gut" before making a decision. SA A N D SD
18. I am most impressed by people that are very adaptable. SA A N D SD
19. I believe you can have too much information before making a decision. SA A N D SD
20. I like to keep busy. SA A N D SD
21. I'm not good at coming up with new ideas. SA A N D SD
22. I think studying history is very important to understanding the future. SA A N D SD
23. I'm very sensitive to others. SA A N D SD
24. I prefer actions over words. SA A N D SD
25. I don't enjoy thinking about the future. SA A N D SD
26. I usually think about things from all angles before jumping in. SA A N D SD
27. I'm not very hands-on when it comes to getting things done. SA A N D SD
28. I'm not very concerned about the details of how something will get done. SA A N D SD
29. I think it's very important to get input from others before moving ahead. SA A N D SD
30. I'm not good at explaining the meaning of events. SA A N D SD
31. I believe it is better to shape the world, than be shaped by it. SA A N D SD
32. I don't like the phrase "just do it." SA A N D SD
33. People like to confide in me. SA A N D SD
34. I view changing your mind as a sign of weakness. SA A N D SD
35. I can easily see past the obstacles in front of me. SA A N D SD
36. I believe success is much more about inspiration than perspiration. SA A N D SD
37. I often check for consensus in a group. SA A N D SD
38. I think always winning is better than overcoming adversity. SA A N D SD
39. I often process information by talking to others. SA A N D SD
40. I don't enjoy thinking about the past. SA A N D SD


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